calculatorLS Consulting is a CPA firm based in Columbus, Ohio specializing in providing forensic accounting, expert witness and litigation consulting services to attorneys, regulators and businesses.  We perform investigations, prepare expert reports and trial exhibits and provide expert testimony.  We have helped our clients to calculate economic damages, trace and recover misappropriated assets, negotiate financial settlements, analyze large volumes of data and electronic information, assess lost profits, value insurance claims, collect reinsurance, value businesses, resolve complex financial disputes and much more.  From domestic matters to complex corporate litigations, we provide the financial and accounting expertise our clients need to successfully resolve their disputes.
We have the training and experience to assist you with analyzing and understanding the unique financial issues that each case presents and to assist you at all stages of a litigation or investigation.  In short, our professionals have the skills and experience to efficiently gather and analyze the facts, simplify your complex financial issues and communicate the results in a simple and effective manner.
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The professionals at LS Consulting have the experience and expertise to assist you at all stages of the litigation and dispute resolution process.  Following are some of the services we provide:
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